Sunday, August 21, 2005


Gui has discovered Nick Cave:

-Mamã, the sad song for sleeping (into my arms)!

So, I suppose we got ourselves a new lullaby. But she cant understand why do people keep crying in the video.

-They are sad because they are lonely, Gui.

But then I thought , she cant think that we can only feel happy when we have company… its also good to be by ourselves. So what does the song talk about?

- I think they are sad because they do not have boyfriends and girlfriends, you know, people to talk to and to kiss and hug like we both do and to tell stories to…

- Hummmmmmmm . Is vôvô your boyfriend?
- No he is vóvó´s.
- Does he make her cry? Boyfriends cant make you cry. Rafa makes me cry mamã.
- Well but I am sure he does not intend to. It happens by accident. It’s like your toes. When you painted them this morning you wanted to do it right but you did not know how to do it without help and you ended up doing a big mess and mamã got very upset. It´s like Rafa. Maybe he needs someone to tell him how to be your boyfriend without making you cry.

- Hummmmmmmmm, maybe i´ll just keep Diogo.

That simple….


Blogger raika said...

she´s growing up too fast...

11/06/2005 10:53 am  

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